From submission to final workshop the team here have been consistently impressed with you and the company’s commitment to timeliness, depth of analysis for program intent and local context. We have found your work to be of a high standard with no time wasted on extraneous questions or superfluous content in progress reporting.


This program now has an excellent insight into the perceptions of stakeholders from Queensland at the executive level, we have participated in a professionally run and objective workshop where the team here had a tremendous opportunity to better understand factors that guide the unit’s future and how they might influence it.


Overall this program now has a thorough synopsis of stakeholder feedback at the executive level, we have objective recommendations on how the unit might go forward, and finally we have participated in a professional workshop where staff not only actively participated in strategies that might define their future, they also took part in a team building activity that will further develop team cohesion and ultimately service improvement.


I want to thank you personally Noela for your professionalism, excellent work ethic and consistent endeavours to generate the best possible informative resource that will help this service provide the highest standard.... service into the future.



State Wide Government Service





We can’t thank you enough for your advice and support.  We trust your opinion and we know your values…  We can’t pay enough for that sort of advice and the confidence you give us. … No amount of money really pays for it and what it means for an organization like ours.


Four Rivers clearly understands our industry, which has enabled them to work successfully with our team at all levels, from Board Members through to staff on the ground. Four Rivers Consulting has been engaged to undertake a comprehensive independent evaluation of programs, deliver strategic planning advice and provide assessment, coaching and mentoring support. Their guidance has provided strong foundations for Accoras’ success to date and continued growth into the future.


CEO - Accoras





We found her to be an extremely effective communicator and an amazing facilitator.  Noela’s approach ensures that she quickly gains the trust and respect of all stakeholders and from this quickly delivers results.


Stephen Chorley

Director - ComServ



Four Rivers Consulting has the flexibility to come into an organisation and evaluate a difficult situation and make a rapid assessment.  Noela has the ability to understand the needs of community groups and is able to be inclusive in any dealings with community. A unique aspect of Noela’s work is that she is competitively priced which means ‘grass roots’ organisations can access quality expertise and services.


Noela was engaged to rescue the situation. An evaluation plan was delivered for the funding body in less than a week. Noela was the evaluator for the entire project. The evaluation that was delivered was extremely high quality and managed to engage a number of significant stakeholders.


“You are one of the very, very few consultants who delivers above the brief and always adds value to everything that you do.


Vicki Poxon

CEO - West Moreton Oxley Medicare Local