Community and Not for Profit Experience



Four Rivers Consulting prides itself on delivering innovative solutions to complex problems. Our services and advice are underpinned by almost three decades of  experience working across all levels of Government and in the community and corporate sectors. Our advice is informed by best practice but always shaped by local context and needs.  We understand the intricate web of relationships between organisations, the community, business and government and the challenging social, political and economic environment in which you operate.


Governments are increasingly demanding more efficient and accountable management of public funds and traditional service boundaries have become blurred. But like any significant change, it offers both challenges and a chance to innovate, introduce efficiencies, to partner, and to be prepared to let go of the image you have of yourselves and to dream of something new. 


Our service offer extends to aligning your vision, goals and governance arrangements and advising on staff capabilities needed to achieve your goals. We can map service infrastructure and help you grow organisational assets, particularly  hidden assets such as volunteers. And we can help you navigate partnerships and mergers and to articulate and market  your service offer.


Four Rivers evaluates  Board performance; the effectiveness of services and programs;  and leadership and decision making processes. We invest in creating a culture of critical self analysis and improving data collection and reporting frameworks to demonstrate impact and highlight  risks, barriers and key enablers.


The Four Rivers Point of difference lies in our in-depth knowledge of both the community services and government sectors and our experience and understanding of diverse demographic populations. Our services are not academic, but informed by hands on experience in direct service delivery, policy development and governance.  










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