Why should we engage a Consultant?


Generally, organisations engage a consultant for three main reasons: if they do not have the necessary experience or expertise internally; if they require professional, independent advice ; or because you don't have the time or capacity to meet a need.





We are operating on a limited budget but need some expert assistance. Are you flexible with your fees?


Four Rivers has a sliding fee schedule which takes into account the complexity and time urgency of the task, the capacity to pay and customer loyalty.  We offer an obligation free consultation for the not for profit and corporate sectors. We also commit 15% of our billable hours each year pro bono as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Four Rivers work with other Consultants?


While Four Rivers retains the lead on all our assignments, we also collaborate with a range of specialist partners to ensure that our clients have access to the necessary qualifications, expertise and experience needed to deliver high quality, comprehensive professional services. We also refer clients to legal, financial or auditing specialists if required.

Do you provide Consultancy Services outside of Brisbane?


Yes, Four Rivers has clients throughout Queensland and interstate. We provide services to you where and when you need them.

Do you provide any training in your areas of expertise?


Four Rivers Consulting has extensive experience coaching and mentoring community teams, senior public servants, Boards and CEO’s.  We also conduct evaluations of board performance and deliver training in change management; strategic planning; volunteer recruitment, retention and management; leadership in times of crisis and how to evaluate Evaluators. 

What happens if we are not happy with the advice or service we receive?


Clients are at the centre of our business. We work in genuine partnership and are committed to delivering high quality, evidence based advice and services. We welcome and actively seek client feedback to improve our performance and create a culture of learning within the business. Four Rivers has both professional indemnity and public liability insurance in the event that any issues are not able to be satisfactory resolved.