Four Rivers Consulting has been providing management consulting services across Queensland and New South Wales since 2006. We offer expert, comprehensive and flexibly priced services, products and advice to our clients. 


The Director, Noela Quadrio is supported by a network of professionals and carefully selected consultants who contribute a diversity of skills, qualifications and practice wisdom. Our advice is based on evidence but shaped by extensive experience. 


We ethically document and report on the process and outcomes of projects and observe the strictest standards with respect to confidentiality of client information and the de-identification of data. We appreciate the importance of gaining the trust of our clients and other stakeholders if meaningful data is to be collected, analysed and reported against.  


We are members of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and we adhere to the International Association of Facilitators values and code of ethics.


Four Rivers Consulting works in close collaboration with our clients. Our philosophy is geared towards sharing our knowledge, skills and resources and in building the capacity of people and organisations. 








Our Philosphy



  • We believe a partnership approach offers the best outcomes for clients, the community and the sector

  • We are committed to  inclusive and innovative methods of engaging and connecting people  while being responsive to their different needs and circumstances

  • We ensure a diversity of views, impacts and sources are solicited and represented

  • We respect the knowledge, skills and experience of our clients and do not assume that we are the experts with all the answers and all the solutions

  • We believe that independent evaluations provide clients with critical data on impact and outcomes that can be used to assess and improve the performance of the organisation as a whole

  • We are motivated towards fostering approaches that contribute to a culture of enquiry and the long term sustainability of projects and initiatives

  • Our advice is informed by national and international best practice

  • We ethically document and report on project processes and outcomes

  • We treat all client information with confidentiality




​Four Rivers - what's in a name?


​The name Four Rivers is derived from the family name of our Director - Quadrio (quad - four and rio - river). Bernini's  Fountain of the Four Rivers (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) is located in the Piazza Navona in Rome.The Four River Gods represent the four great rivers of the world as they were known in the 1600's. The fountain symbolizes the convergence of rivers and the uniting of cultures.  Four Rivers Consulting works across all cultures and with all sectors, and is founded on the four pillars of competence, creativity, collaboration and certainity.  Like Bernini's Fountain, we always exceed expectations.


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